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Yunaturalhealing in Fort Lauderdale, FL is proud to be your Licensed, Insured and Certified Physiotherapist. You can anticipate real and personalized care from me, Specialized in at-home massage therapy, I make your healing experience all about you. Making a difference, helping other people to live their life to the fullest. With my background as a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer I have a deep understanding of body work, I strongly believe that staying active at the gym or any kind of sport that you like will give you a happy and healthy life.

 A good Doctor can save your life from dying; a good Therapist can save your life from living in pain – Yunior.

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    Yunior is an amazing massage therapist. I have been having massages for 30 years. If I could give Yunior 10 stars I would. He is skilled and very knowledgeable about the body. You will not only get a great massage, if you have any ailment or problematic area it will be fixed! He is punctual, talented and so smart! He understands the body and as a result he provides great relief if you have any problem areas. My Dr wanted me to have shoulder surgery and thru his PT and Massages he fixed it. I love him and recommend him to anyone that desires a quality massage.

    Marisa DiLenge
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    I have had major spinal surgeries, a Spinal Cord stimulator implanted and years of physical therapies from all around the world. Many doctors and physical therapists have tried to help me. From my first massage from Yunior I knew, he is not only talented ~but gifted. I’ve had decades of different people working on my bodily ailments and they have brought relief. Yunior brings HEALING. His knowledge of the muscular, skeletal and central nervous system is unsurpassed!! His individualized technique and healing touch has allowed me to participate more in life and live with less pain than ever before. I see him at least once a week because his guidance and work is transformative for not only my body but also for my mind. His positive attitude and contagious positive outlook towards wellness is improving my life in so many ways. I’m so grateful to him and his life’s work! My life is better because of it.

    Dana Sabioni
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    Before I met Yunior Garcia, I had lower back pain for two years—despite countless visits to specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists, not to mention all the medications that I was taking. But in just 5 visits to Yunior, my back improved remarkably. His massage therapy plus a stretching regiment, which he prescribed, made all the difference in the world. I’ve returned to my regular daily routine with no restrictions and am pursuing even more strenuous workouts than before.Although I live in Chicago, I traveled to Fort Lauderdale recently for two more appointments with Yunior for ankle & foot pain—now gone as a result of his treatment plus his stretching plan. I wish I had found Yunior years ago!

    Howard Clauser
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    I have never met a massage therapist who knows the human body the way Yunior does. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. He has been instrumental in helping me heal body injuries. I highly recommend Yunior to anyone looking to heal and thrive.

    Andres Castellanos
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    Came from Chicago to visit my dad in Fort Lauderdale and had my first experience with Yunior. Ihad so many massage prevoisuly with different spa’s but never had a successful experience like I had with Yunior. I was in pain with my back for years and after get a massage I felt like new. I truly recommend him to everyone that need to release their phisycal stress.

    Ivano Matera
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    Yunior is one of the best massage therapist’s I’ve ever had. He is very knowledgeable and attuned to the human body. He listens to me and focuses on all my troubled areas. I always leave him feeling relaxed and free of pain. He uses great pressure and always treats me for the full 60 minutes. He is very professional, punctual, and dependable. I would highly recommend Yunior to anyone looking for an amazing massage.

    Jessica Rose
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    I am beyond grateful to have found Yunior, an extraordinary massage therapist who brings their exceptional skills and intuitive touch right to the comfort of my own home. If you’re seeking relief from any back pain and a truly personalized experience, look no further. From the moment Yunior arrived at my doorstep, I knew I was in for a remarkable session. His warm and friendly demeanor instantly put me at ease. Setting up a tranquil atmosphere within my own home, he created a serene space that was perfect for relaxation and healing. What truly sets Yunior apart is his exceptional intuition. The healing touch of Yuior is truly transformative. His skilled hands seemed to possess an innate understanding of my body, easing away the tension and discomfort that had plagued me for so long. The relief I experienced during and after each session was nothing short of remarkable, leaving me with a renewed sense of well-being.In addition to their remarkable skills, Yunior brings a sense of comfort and convenience by providing mobile services. Having the privilege of receiving a therapeutic massage in the familiar surroundings of my home elevated the experience to a whole new level. It allowed me to fully relax, knowing I could seamlessly transition from the massage table to a state of rest and rejuvenation.I wholeheartedly recommend Yunior as an exceptional massage therapist. His intuition, healing touch, and personalized approach make each session an unforgettable and tailored experience. He has a genuine passion for his craft and a deep understanding of how to alleviate all types of pain and promote overall well-being. Thank you, Yunior, for your outstanding skills and the convenience of bringing your expertise to my home. Your exceptional intuition and healing hands have made a profound difference in managing my back pain, and I am truly grateful for the incredible service you provide.

    Michelle Aran
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    Yunior was referred to me by a close friend, I was a little bit skeptical because all of my issues I was told by Doctors that I Literally had arthritis all over my body, I had a torn in my shoulder that needed surgery but my family didn’t want me to do it, had tennis elbow syndrome for over 10 years that was on and off pain in my hands all the time specially the right thumb very tender ,needed a surgery on my right knee bad meniscus even in my spine T9 to T12 feeling like someone was stabbing me all the time, couldn’t sleep well short long story everything is gone, the work that this guy does is priceless he knows exactly what causes the problem and how to fix it, I have no words to thank how good I feel now, i came back to my active life playing tennis like a pro 4 times a week running 5K three times a week and having fun with my little granddaughter the sunshine of my life I’m retired 66 years old I see him once a month for maintenance purpose I highly very highly recommend him

    Victorio Cordeiro
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    If you are looking for a A true professional, who knows every muscle, ligament, joint and bone structure then go no further than Yunior. He is an amazing massage therapist and and equally talented Trainer. Yunior stands out of the many trainers I have used for many many years. None of his workouts are a canned one-size-fits-all work out. He is mindful of working on the parts of the body that need attention. Injured or painful areas are attended to. His knowledge of the human anatomy allows him to create Great exercises that do not rely on machines. Well he will occasionally use machines that are available he mainly creates exercises that attend to your weaknesses. Yunior is a true professional and a true gentleman . He is reliable and extremely knowledgeable. He has given me the best massages and workouts that of help me feel evermore on the road To good health and wellness.

    Jane Wexton
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